As a young healthy person, do I need health insurance?

Many young people feel that health insurance is something you need, only if you are unhealthy or older. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Unexpected incidents can happen to anyone of any age and health status. Beyond that, regular check-ups are preventative measures that can go a long way when it comes to keeping people healthy. Health insurance is beneficial in any number of health-related situations, for both treatment of a health issue as well as prevention.

No Health Insurance…What Does This Mean?

No health insurance means that you are responsible for funding one hundred percent of all your health care, be it preventative, treatment-related, or emergencies. You have to have the money to take care if anticipated health expenses as well as emergencies. Most of us don’t have the funds to do this, particularly when we are young. Western Insurance Associates of Spokane, WA understand that even young people can benefit greatly form health insurance. Many young people are just starting and are often still students and very new to their careers. This usually translates into little money or an income that falls more on the modest side. As a result, those routine dental visits or yearly checks up can be pricey and out of range for a young person without health insurance. Even a broken leg from that skiing vacation with friends in Cancun can prove astronomically hard on the pockets. Health insurance makes healthcare more affordable or everyone, even the young. It’s a struggle to pay for a hundred percent of all your healthcare needs…it often the difference between going without care at all or visiting the emergency room for problems that a doctor’s visit could take care of. Give us a call. We’re committed to helping young people understand and navigate health insurance. We can’t wait to answer your questions.