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Washington Motorcycle insurance coverage

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Motorcycle Insurance in Washington

Western Insurance Associates provides many types of insurance policies that Spokane, WA residents should fully understand before making a purchase. These days, you simply cannot go without high-quality coverage on your bike, or you run the risk of serious financial loss.

Law Mandates Motorcycle Insurance

In Washington, state law was passed in 2019 requiring all motorcycle drivers carry liability coverage and proof they have insurance. Simply put, high-quality insurance can protect a bike owner from severe financial loss and ensure that their bike stays in great shape for years to come. Just as importantly, these policies protect them from lawsuits and other issues when accidents occur.

Types of Coverage Available

The benefits of motorcycle coverage shouldn't be ignored by anybody who treasures their bike or their health. The following types of coverage are all available for someone who owns a motorcycle:

  • Liability – This coverage protects riders if they cause an accident or otherwise injure someone else.
  • Damage – When a bike suffers from damage in a crash, this policy option provides repair coverage.
  • Nature Protection – Damage from hail and other types of storms are covered with this type of motorcycle insurance.
  • Personal Injury Protection – PIP coverage helps to pay for your medical costs if you injure yourself during a motorcycle accident.

Each of these coverages is available with motorcycle insurance and can be adjusted in many ways. For example, you can tweak premiums, co-pays, and more to adjust the range of your coverage and to ensure that you get the coverage you want.

Let Us Help You Out

So if you live in Spokane, WA and want high-quality insurance for your motorcycle, please contact us at Western Insurance Associates. We work with Washington residents like you to provide coverage for their bikes and other types of vehicles.


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