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Washington Homeowners with home insurance coverage

Home Insurance in Washington

At Western Insurance Associates, we've helped many Spokane, WA residents find high-quality home insurance at prices that they can afford. Before making a purchase, you need to fully understand the laws and regulations behind this type of policy and what type of protection it offers.

State Law Doesn't Require Insurance

Currently, Washington doesn't require that homeowners possess an insurance policy. These types of mandatory insurance laws aren't common in the country, though mandatory auto insurance and – at one point – health insurance did exist. However, almost every single homeowner has an insurance policy in this state. That's because, while the law doesn't require insurance, mortgage companies do ask that people buying a home purchase a policy.

Mortgages Require Home Insurance

There are only a handful of circumstances in which a person owns home without a mortgage. And almost all lenders require that individuals have a homeowner's policy when buying a home. This policy is put into place to not only protect the homeowner but the lender as well. As a result, you're likely to find that you need to buy a policy in Spokane, WA even if you don't want one. However, you should want one as these policies provide excellent protection.

Protection Offered By Home Insurance

When buying home insurance, individuals have many coverage options. For example, a policy covers the dwelling itself, the belongings inside of the home, personal liability for any injuries caused by people who live in the house, living coverage if the home is damaged, and medical payments for guests injured in a home. These options minimize a homeowner's chance of severe financial loss.

Policy Options Vary

So if you live in Washington and need a home insurance policy, please don't hesitate to contact us at Western Insurance Associates as soon as possible. Our agents will identify a policy that works for your needs and will work hard to ensure that you pay a rate that is fair to you and us.


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