3 Benefits of Having Recreational Insurance

Recreational insurance covers a variety of recreational vehicles, including campers, ATVs, jet skis, and off-road bikes. At Western Insurance Associates, the agents understand the importance of having the right type of insurance policy in place when you are on vacation or hitting the trails. Fairfield and Spokane, WA residents who own recreational vehicles need to make sure they are adequately insured.

Protects Your Investment

Having recreational insurance on your motor home, ATVs, and other recreational vehicles are essential if you want to protect your investment. Replacing a recreational vehicle of any kind after an accident can be costly. The right type of insurance protects your investment.

Covers Your Liability Costs

Recreational insurance also covers any liability you may suffer if an accident occurs. This can include medical expenses if a passenger is injured. If you are leasing or renting a motor home, your recreational insurance will cover damages if an accident occurs while it is in your possession.

Protects Personal Property

There are times when a property is damaged due to an accident involving a recreational vehicle. Recreational insurance can be used to cover this type of damage, as well. It’s important to talk to your agent to find out what types of damage are covered and how much coverage you may need to be fully protected.

Residents who live in Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas are encouraged to call the agents of Western Insurance Associates to find out more about recreational insurance and its many benefits. Not having the right coverage can quickly put a damper on your fun if an accident should occur. Call and speak to an agent today to make sure you are fully covered before you take off on your next adventure.