Adding Riders to Your Renter’s Insurance for Comprehensive Coverage

In earlier blogs, Western Insurance Associates provided a general introduction to renter’s insurance. In this article, we’ll cover the riders you can add to a renter’s insurance policy to protect the items in your Spokane, WA leased home.

It also protects items that exceed the value of the coverage limits. Adding a rider can cover the amount exceeding the standard policy’s coverage limit. This method ensures you don’t have to pay out of pocket for a loss.

What Can You Add?

The riders, also called endorsements or schedules, cover various items. You can cover expensive jewelry items with an endorsement or hobbyist equipment like a professional 35mm camera. You can also insure a collection, such as guitars or basses, by using a rider for renters insurance.

Other types of endorsements protect all of your belongings, such as a drain and sewer backup rider. If the sewer backs up and floods your rented home, this rider covers replacing your damaged belongings.

You can add a rider to cover nearly any type of equipment or collectible item or items. This includes items you only need temporary coverage for, such as an engagement ring—some riders you can obtain for a limited time.

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