Navigating the Waves: Understanding Boat Insurance for Smooth Sailing

In Spokane, WA, Western Insurance Associates is your go-to partner for navigating the intricacies of insurance. Today, let’s set sail into the world of boat insurance, uncovering the essentials for smooth and secure maritime journeys.

Why Boat Insurance Matters:

  1. Property Protection: Boat insurance from Western Insurance Associates safeguards your vessel against a myriad of risks, including accidents, theft, and natural disasters, ensuring your investment is secure on and off the water.

  2. Liability Coverage: Accidents happen, even on the open water. Boat insurance provides liability coverage, protecting you financially if you’re responsible for injuries, damage to other’s property, or legal fees.

  3. Specialized Coverage: Western Insurance Associates in Spokane, WA, offers specialized coverage options catering to the unique needs of boat owners. Whether it’s coverage for fishing equipment, personal belongings, or towing assistance, we’ve got you covered.

Navigating the Waves: Tips for Boat Insurance Success:

  1. Assess Your Coverage Needs: Evaluate the value of your boat and determine the coverage needed for comprehensive protection. The experts at Western Insurance Associates can assist in tailoring a policy to suit your specific needs.

  2. Understand Liability Limits: Grasp the liability limits of your boat insurance policy. Western Insurance Associates ensures you understand the extent of your coverage, preventing any surprises in the event of a claim.

  3. Explore Discounts: In Spokane, WA, our team can help you uncover potential discounts, such as safety course completion or bundled policies, making boat insurance more affordable without compromising coverage.

Embark on worry-free maritime adventures with boat insurance from Western Insurance Associates in Spokane, WA. Call us today to ensure your vessel is protected and your sailing experiences are smooth and secure. Call us today to obtain an estimate for a new boat insurance policy.

Does boat insurance cover my boat off the water?

Your boat insurance policy from Western Insurance Associates covers your watercraft at all times and in all situations. On the water, on a trailer, in dry-dock in Spokane, WA, or anchored in a marina. Let’s consider the most commonly asked scenarios.

What does boat insurance cover on the water?

On the water, this policy covers structural damage to your boat, personal property damage, and liability. Your boat policy’s liability provision provides bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage, so if you cause an accident on the water, your insurance policy protects your finances. It pays the court settlement and hospital bills for those injured in the accident up to your policy limits.

Does my boat insurance cover damage if it falls off the trailer?

Unforeseen circumstances can lead to accidents on the way to a body of water or coming home from one. Even if you have a single-vehicle accident and your boat on its trailer incurs damage, your boat policy covers the damage repairs.

Does boat insurance protect my boat in dry-dock?

When you move your skiff to dry-dock for the winter, your hard-working boat insurance keeps on protecting your finances. Whether a fire occurs at the dry dock or a winter storm damages the facility and your schooner, your boat policy ensures that you won’t need to pay out of pocket for dam repairs.

How does a boat policy protect my boat moored in a marina?

While anchored in your slip at the marina, your boat policy provides the same property protection and liability coverage as when you take it out onto the water. The liability component protects your financial security if someone has a slip-and-fall accident while you host a fish fry or dinner party.

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Why All Boaters Need Boat Insurance

If you are the owner of a boat, there is a lot that you need to stay as safe as possible. One way to protect yourself is to have a boat insurance policy. These policies can save you from financial harm when something goes wrong with the boat. All boat owners need boat insurance to protect them financially against a range of problems that can occur when you’re driving your boat and when it’s on land. While Washington doesn’t require this insurance, it’s essential to have it for your protection. Call Western Insurance Associates in Spokane, WA to get started with a policy.

Getting Into a Boating Accident

When you’re out on the water, it’s always possible to have a boating accident. Just as with traffic on land, traffic on the water has accidents. When you get into an accident judged to be your fault, you would be responsible for paying for the property damage and medical bills afterward. When you have boat insurance, the policy can pay for those bills, which can be enormous. Being covered by a policy will give you more peace of mind when you’re boating because you know that problems will be taken care of. 

Types of Boat Coverage

When you get boat insurance, it’s much like getting auto insurance. There are various types of coverage, and each protects you differently. Having liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage is an excellent way to protect yourself in case you cause an accident. You can also get other types of coverage, such as comprehensive coverage that covers your boat against other dangers that can happen to it while it’s on land. 

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Why Every Boater Needs Boat Insurance

Every state has laws about which insurance policies are required, including boat insurance. In Washington, there is no state requirement that you must have boat insurance, but it’s often necessary for taking your boat onto certain bodies of water. It’s also best to have it in case of accidents and to protect yourself against liability. If you have a boat and need insurance for it, call Western Insurance Associates in Spokane, WA to get started.

Insurance Coverage for Accidents

It’s not uncommon for collision accidents to happen when boats are on the water. If you have an accident with another boat or another watercraft, and you are at fault for the accident, you will owe all of the due expenses. This can be highly expensive if you don’t have boat insurance, and it can mean a lot of financial hardship. Without boat insurance, you are open to lawsuits and having judgments made against you. When you have boat insurance, you will also have peace of mind that you are covered in case of an accident. 

Comprehensive Boat Insurance

There are different types of coverage for boats, one of which is comprehensive coverage. This insurance covers your boat against other risks to it outside of accidents that happen on the water. This may be a wide range of risks that can cause damage to your boat. There is also property damage coverage, a type of coverage that pays for items that are lost during an accident. 

Get Boat Insurance

When you own a boat, it’s important to cover yourself with boat insurance. Your boat is a significant investment, and it needs to be covered. If you’re in Washington, call us at Western Insurance Associates in Spokane, WA to get started with a boat policy of your own. 

Benefits of Boat Insurance

Whether you are a boat owner or considering buying one, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the benefits of boat insurance. And even though boat accidents are not as common compared to auto insurance, it is still essential to protect your investment. Below, Western Insurance Associates of Spokane, WA explains what the benefits of boat insurance are.

Coverage for Bodily Harm

In case you get into an accident, and either you or your passengers get injured, you can receive compensation to cover any resulting medical bills. This saves you from financial loss when otherwise you would have had to pay for those expenses.

Coverage for Physical Damage

A boat is an expensive investment. And if you get into an accident, you have to think of repair costs, including the cost of trailing the boat to a repair shop. However, with boat insurance, you do not have to worry about such expenses as insurance helps cover them, ensuring you are back to cruising on the water in no time.

Liability Coverage

Even if you are an experienced boater, you may get into an accident resulting in injured passengers or property damage. If you are considered at fault, liability insurance helps cover those damages. With boat accidents being pretty expensive, it becomes crucial to have boat insurance.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

The last thing you want every time you go cruising is worrying that you will have to incur a high cost if an accident happens. With boat insurance, you can go about your business knowing that if you, your passengers, or your boat get into an accident, you are protected against financial loss. On top of that, boat insurance may cover replacement costs of the boat if it is stolen.

A boat is a massive investment despite its size. For you to enjoy many years of boating and sailing, consider boat insurance. Residents of Spokane, WA, looking to purchase insurance for their boats can reach Western Insurance Associates, where we are ready to help you pick a suitable policy.

How Big Does a Boat Have to be to be Registered in Washington?

Washington residents who enjoy spending time on the water need to know the rules that apply to insuring and registering their boat or watercraft. The agents at Western Insurance Associates in Spokane, WA can help you determine whether or not you will have to register your boat before putting it in the water.

Canoes, Kayaks, and Other Non-Motorized Vessels

Any vessel that is not propelled by a motor or a sail will not have to be registered with the state of Washington. If you self-propel the vessel with an oar or paddle, you can use it on almost any waterway in the state.

16 Feet or Less, 10 HP or Smaller

Boats that measure less than 16 feet in length and have a motor that produces less than 10 horsepower do not have to be registered if they are being used in state or non-federal waterways.

Registered in Another State

You can use a boat that is registered in another state without registering it in Washington. If a boat is brought in from another state it will only be legal for 60 days. After that, the registration must be transferred to Washington. You must have proper documentation with you at all times. This is normally a card that states the name of the owner and where the state in which the boat is registered.

At Western Insurance Associates, Washington residents can talk to a reputable agent and learn everything they need to know before taking to the water. Having your boat properly registered and insure is essential if you want to remain in compliance with state laws. Talk to your agent in Spokane, WA today!

What Boat Insurance Covers

In the Spokane, WA area, boating is a favorite pastime with families and friends.  To protect their investment and everyone on it, it’s important to ensure that it is adequately protected in a variety of situations.  While most people are familiar with auto and home insurance policies, boat policies differ and are specific to maritime hazards.  The team of agents at Western Insurance Associates are the pros in boating insurance policies.  They are ready to answer your questions.

When someone acquires a new boat, they may mistakenly believe that it will be covered by their home insurance policy.  In some cases, particularly with smaller vessels, this may be true but the general rule is that it is not.  That’s why its important to talk with your agent before you set out on the water.  For yachts and larger vessels, particularly where it will head into international waters, the right coverage makes a big difference. 

In general terms, boat policies will provide liability coverage, as well as, physical damage.  Liability protection covers the owner in the event anyone is injured while on the boat or there is an accident.  Physical damage addresses any damage to the boat or its mechanical equipment.  It can also address such events as weather/wind damage or vandalism.  Even if the boat is only used seasonally, it’s recommended that coverage be maintained throughout the year.  Your agent will offer two policy options:  agreed value or actual cash value.  With agreed value, the policy will reimburse based on an amount defined in the policy.  Actual cash value is defined as the boat’s true value including depreciation.  Additional coverage is available for uninsured boaters and any personal possession on the boat. 

In the Spokane, WA area, the team at Western Insurance Associates is ready to help you get the coverage you need for your boat.  Call and visit them today!