What You Need Documented for a Claim

If you need to file a claim with Western Insurance Associates, then documentation is going to be very important. You will want to document everything. If your home has been burglarized or damaged, then you need photographs or videotapes to show the aftermath. This documentation is also important if you are given a lower payout than expected and need to appeal.

If there is an injury, include everything in the documentation. This includes the date, time, and as much detail from the incident as you can.

Having documentation before something happens to your personal belongings can be helpful. If your home is destroyed, it can be difficult for you to remember every little item that was in your home. If you want to get the most out of your payout, then the more documentation you can provide, the better. First, document what you own. Take pictures and videos of your stuff and walk through your home to get images of bigger ticket items, such as appliances or electronics. If things cost more than average, be sure to document these items. Examples can include an expensive kitchen mixer or a fancy vacuum. These items can usually be bought for much cheaper, but if you have nicer ones, you want that documented. Be sure to document the make and model number for electronics.

This isn’t overkill, even if you have pictures, because you need to prove that you own these items. Model numbers can also help track down your items if theft is involved. In addition to documenting the items, you need to document the value. Keep receipts, but if your house burns down, these receipts won’t be much help. For big-ticket items, take photos of the receipts and keep these photos in the cloud or any area away from your home in Fairfield or Spokane, WA.

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