Safe Driving Includes Auto Insurance

Despite daily mundane drives, we seldom contemplate the risks associated with driving. The importance of being ready for the unexpected cannot be overstated, which is why Spokane, WA drivers entrust their auto insurance needs to the reliable team at Western Insurance Associates.

Insurance: A Safe Driver’s Battleground

It isn’t easy to consider yourself a safe driver without the security of adequate insurance. Safe drivers prepare—defensive driving techniques, adherence to laws, and anticipatory measures define their driving methodologies.

Preparation also extends beyond alertness and includes appropriate insurance coverage for you and your vehicle. Before hitting the gas pedal, ensure your auto insurance is current and provides adequate coverage for eventualities.

Auto Insurance Solutions for the Safety-Conscious

If you’re located in or around Spokane, WA, and looking for comprehensive auto insurance options, the friendly team at Western Insurance Associates is eager to assist. Our experienced agents can help you find the right insurance coverage that fits your driving needs and your budget.

The road is fraught with risks, including unpredictable drivers. But with the right insurance solutions, you can focus on driving safely and worry less about the uncontrollable. Contact us today for the insurance coverage you deserve, and drive safely with Western.

Is It Ever Worth It to Add Insurance for an Individual Car Part or Component in Spokane, WA?

Auto insurance in Spokane, WA helps financially cover you and your vehicle against the costs associated with accidents and other situations. However, your car may have a part or component that, for some reason, has a price beyond what your insurance can cover. At Western Insurance Associates, we believe it’s in your best interest to have the necessary coverage for such parts and components. Here’s why it’s important.

The Whole Vs. The Part

What kind of part or component might need additional coverage? If the cost of repairing or replacing a particular part is higher than average, it would be wise to consider obtaining additional coverage for that specific part or component.

While your auto insurance policy provides vehicle coverage, you may have additional components not typically included in your car’s standard package. For example:

  • Specialized, custom-built, or aftermarket parts
  • Very expensive components, such as a very high-end or custom stereo system
  • Rare, unique, or irreplaceable parts or components
  • Expensive but easily damaged parts or components

You might want extra protection for a part or component for your peace of mind, regardless of its resale value.

Balancing Costs against Peace of Mind

Understand that insuring individual parts isn’t always a necessity. Adding coverage increases your premiums, so looking at the big picture when insuring individual parts is important.

Some things to think about include:

  • The actual monetary value of the part or component.
  • The risk factors associated with the part or component.
  • Your budget and financial comfort with paying for additional insurance.

You can and should work with your auto insurance company in Spokane, WA to figure out the feasibility of additional coverage. If in doubt, we’re here to help you look at the math, assess your risk, and give you an informed auto insurance recommendation. If you have questions about insuring individual car parts or components, contact Western Insurance Associates to learn more.

Driver Responsiblities

It is easy to start thinking of driving as a right we all have, but in reality, driving is a privilege that we must all earn through proper education and compliance with safety laws. Here at Western Insurance Associates, serving Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas, we want to help our clients stay safe on the road. Keep reading to learn more about drivers’ responsibilities. 

Stay Properly Insured

One of your most important responsibilities as a driver is to stay adequately insured. Insurance coverage is not simply a good idea, it is a legal requirement to operate a vehicle on the road. You will face legal consequences if you fail to keep proper insurance in place. These consequences can result in license suspension, termination, and fines. This can have a significant impact on your life. 

Driver Education 

It is also your responsibility as a driver to get proper driver education on how to operate a vehicle effectively and safely. This does not necessarily mean you must take a driver’s course, but it does mean that you must invest the necessary time into learning how to drive well. Taking a driver’s course can be very helpful, but working with a trusted friend or relative can work just as well. 

Sober Undistracted Driving 

As a driver, it is always your responsibility to practice sober/undistracted driving. This is not only a legal responsibility that you have but also an ethical one you have. When you get out on the road, you take on a little responsibility for every other driver and pedestrian you encounter. Take this responsibility seriously, and never drive intoxicated or distracted. 

To learn about auto insurance, contact us at Western Insurance Associates, serving Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas.   

What is Third-Party Auto Insurance and Why Should You Get One?

Your car is an asset but can become a liability in an accident. This can be the case, especially if you live in Spokane, WA, and have caused an accident. Without good insurance coverage, you must pay for all the damage you cause the other party. That’s why at Western Insurance Associates, we provide third-party auto insurance coverage to cover damages that you are involved in. This will ensure you don’t suffer financial loss when your car is involved in an accident.

Why You Should Get Third-Party Auto Insurance 

If you are in Spokane, WA, there are many benefits that you can gain from getting third-party insurance. One of the key benefits is you will be able to avoid penalties and fines imposed by the motor vehicle act. Further, you enjoy protection against the suspension of your driving license. 
Accidents are unpredictable, and they can happen at any time. When your car causes damage to a third-party vehicle, physical injury, and personal property, you will be responsible for the financial loss that individual suffers. However, with auto insurance, you get financial security as you will cover all the damage caused. 

The premiums for the third party are affordable and provide legal protection from the time-consuming legal hassle. If you are uncertain about how to make claims and get the cover, always contact us for more information. From a legal perspective, third-party insurance is sufficient to cover all the damage and ensure you fulfill the motor vehicle Act’s requirements.

Call West Insurance Associates Today

You must secure your car and fulfill your legal duty by taking the third-party policy. Contact us today at  Western Insurance Associates to get your third-party auto insurance coverage. Our coverage will ensure you don’t get stressed while driving. With years of experience, we offer great customer service and ensure all your needs are covered.

When should I add my teen driver to my auto insurance policy?

If you live in Spokane, WA, and have a teenage driver in the house, you may wonder when the right time is to add them to your auto insurance policy. Western Insurance Associates has answers.

Let’s discuss when you should add your teen driver to your policy. If your child has a learner’s permit and occasionally drives your car with you present, it’s not required that you add them to your policy. However, if they have their license and will be driving without you present, it’s time to add them to the policy. 

It’s also important to note that even if your child only has a learner’s permit and doesn’t drive very often, it’s still a good idea to list them on your policy. That way, if they have an accident while driving your car (with or without you present), they’ll be covered by your insurance. In Washington, car insurance companies can’t refuse to insure you or charge you more just because you have a teenage driver in the family.

Adding a teen driver to your auto insurance policy can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember that in Spokane, WA car insurance companies can’t refuse to insure you or charge you more just because you have a teenage driver in the family. It isn’t required if they only have their learner’s permit and don’t drive very often, but it’s a good idea. If your child has a license and is driving without you present, it’s time to add them to your policy. Contact Western Insurance Associates, and we can answer all your questions.

Who should get an auto insurance plan in Spokane?

Owning a car in the Spokane, WA area is always a good idea as it will allow you to get around the community more efficiently. If you are in the market for a new vehicle here, getting a proper insurance plan would be wise. There are various situations when someone in this part of the state should get a full auto insurance plan.

Those that Want to Drive Legally

A situation when someone will want to get this coverage in Washington is when they want to drive legally. There are various laws surrounding the need to carry insurance in this state. All drivers must maintain a liability insurance plan that meets the state minimum insurance requirements. Without this coverage, you could be penalized and will not have proper support. 

Those with a Loan Outstanding

You will also want an auto insurance plan in this area if you have taken out a loan. Taking out a loan today can be a good idea as it will allow you to finance the purchase of the car over time. As long as the loan is outstanding, you will have to abide by the loan agreement. This will typically require you to carry a full collision and comprehensive plan.

Ensuring that your vehicle is adequately insured in the Spokane, WA area is very important. Once you are ready to start looking for coverage in this region, you will want to call the team with Western Insurance Associates. The insurance team with Western Insurance Associates can offer you any support needed to understand your options and build a plan. This can help ensure you comply with any requirements and that your car is adequately covered. 

Auto Insurance FAQ

Your car insurance is one of your most important expenses each month. You want to make sure you are making the best choice when it comes to an insurance provider. At Western Insurance Associates serving Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas, we can help you better understand this insurance product so that you can make the best insurance choices. Here we will provide answers to our auto insurance FAQ. 

Is Auto Insurance A Big Deal?

Auto insurance is required by law to operate your vehicle legally. You can face serious legal consequences if you do not carry at least the legally required minimum of coverage. 

In addition to legal considerations, there are also financial factors that you should consider. If you do not carry adequate insurance, you could find yourself financially responsible for repairing or replacing your car in an accident. This could pose a financial challenge. 

Which Type of Coverage Do I Need?

Auto insurance provides the following two types of coverage:

  • Full Coverage– This type of coverage will pay for damage and medical bills that could result from a car accident or other claim event. This will pay for expenses for your vehicle and other vehicles or drivers involved. 
  • Liability Coverage– Liability coverage will only pay for expenses for another vehicle you caused damage to.

It is recommended to carry full coverage on your vehicles. This will protect you in any situation in which expenses occur. 

If you would like to learn more about auto insurance or any of our other insurance products, don’t hesitate to contact us at Western Insurance Associates serving Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas.

What Should You Know About Auto Insurance?

Driving without auto insurance is illegal – it is considered a crime in most states of the US, including the state of Washington. If you have never owned a car before and never purchased auto insurance, it may be hard for you to choose the right policy. In order to help you, Western Insurance Associates serving clients in Spokane, WA and other surrounding towns prepared brief information about car insurance that everyone should know: 

What Should You Know About Auto Insurance?

Here is what you should know about car insurance:

  • There are certain factors that determine the price of your insurance. They are your age, marital status, driving record, location, and credit score. 
  • It is important to understand the difference between collision and comprehensive coverage. Thus, comprehensive coverage provides protection against theft and damage that are caused by an incident rather than a car accident. It can be vandalism, fire, falling trees or rocks, etc. Collision reimburses for damages caused by a car accident. 
  • You can always find ways to pay less for your insurance, You can raise your deductible, drop comprehensive coverage on an old car, and do some other things. 
  • If you use your personal car for commercial purposes, you will have to get separate commercial auto insurance. 

Getting auto insurance is important, but finding the right coverage may be complicated. If you are currently shopping for car insurance in Spokane, WA or any other nearby town in the state of Washington, do not hesitate to contact Western Insurance Associates. We will help you find the right insurance for your vehicle and answer your questions if there are any. 

Three frequently asked questions about auto insurance in Washington

Choosing the right auto insurance policy is important to protect yourself financially as a motorist in Washington State. At Western Insurance Associates, we offer auto insurance policies to drivers in Spokane, WA.

The following are three frequently asked questions about auto insurance in Washington.

How do I purchase auto insurance?

Nowadays, the easiest way to purchase auto insurance is on the Internet. You can get quotes on the Internet for various policies. You can also select your policy online and purchase your policy through the website of the insurance provider you choose to purchase auto coverage from.

It’s also possible to purchase auto insurance over the phone. You can call up an insurance provider in your area and get a quote over the phone. Then, you can make your first payment on the policy in question over the phone.

Do I have to purchase auto insurance?

In Washington and in most states, acquiring auto insurance coverage is legally required if you want to drive. You need to purchase an auto insurance policy that meets some basic liability requirements.

What does auto insurance cover?

A basic auto insurance policy will cover liability expenses. This means that basic coverage pays for the costs of any damage you cause to the property of other parties.

You can choose to purchase collision and comprehensive coverage additionally if you so desire. Collision coverage covers the costs of damages to your own vehicle in an accident. Comprehensive coverage covers the costs of damages from fire, vandalism, and more.

Do you have more questions about auto insurance? Let us help you find the answers you’re looking for regarding auto insurance in Spokane, WA. Contact us at Western Insurance Associates today.

When to Shop Around For New Auto Insurance

Like many insurance products, auto insurance needs can change with time. Understanding when these needs change and adjusting your auto insurance accordingly is a great way to save yourself money and make sure you are always sufficiently covered. At Western Insurance Associates, serving Spokane, WA we take pride in educating our clients and future clients concerning their insurance needs. Keep reading to find out how you can know when it’s time to shop around for new auto insurance.

How to Know Your Insurance Needs Have Changed

Usually, your insurance needs will change along with big life changes. For instance, when changes in your marital status take place it will affect your insurance needs. When a child comes of age for driving, that can also have an effect on your insurance coverage and needs. Purchasing new vehicles and even just aging will all have an effect on your insurance coverage. The best way to know if your insurance needs have changed is to sit down with an insurance representative and discuss your current situation. This way you can be sure you are sufficiently covered while also making sure you are not paying for products or services you do not need. 

Dangers of Being Improperly Insured

It is very important that you evaluate your insurance needs periodically so that you can avoid being improperly insured. Being improperly insured will put you and your family at risk. Not only will there be an increased risk of financial liability should you have an accident, but there could also be legal risks involved if your auto insurance is not in order. 

If you would like to learn more about auto insurance, please contact our friendly staff today at Western Insurance Associates, serving Spokane, WA. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you make the best insurance choices possible.