Three Questions to Ask When Getting Health Insurance

Health insurance is an essential part of staying healthy. At Western Insurance Associates, servicing Spokane, WA, we’re committed to helping our customers find the right health insurance plan.

When you contact us to discuss health insurance, we’ll do our best to review the important details you need to know. But we always recommend asking your own questions to learn more about the insurance plan that you’re considering. Below are three smart questions for you to ask. 

1. Are my doctors covered by the plan?

If you already have doctors in your area and you’re considering a change of health insurance plans, it’s important to find out if the plan you’re considering buying covers your doctors.

Most health insurance plans primarily pay for services from doctors inside of a network. Finding a plan that encompasses the network you’re already in means less transition for you. 

2. Will my healthcare be affordable, given my current health status?

Whether you’re healthy or not, it’s important to know if the health plan you’re considering will be affordable, given how often you see the doctor. Take into consideration your current prescriptions, how often you visit the doctor, and for what purposes. 

3. Will my healthcare be affordable if my health status worsens?

If you should become sick or if your health status changes for the worse, it’s important to know whether you’ll continue to be able to afford your healthcare. 

At Western Insurance Associates, servicing Spokane, WA, we help our patients decide which health plans are best for them. We’ll answer your questions to ensure that your health plan is right for you.