Does boat insurance cover my boat off the water?

Your boat insurance policy from Western Insurance Associates covers your watercraft at all times and in all situations. On the water, on a trailer, in dry-dock in Spokane, WA, or anchored in a marina. Let’s consider the most commonly asked scenarios.

What does boat insurance cover on the water?

On the water, this policy covers structural damage to your boat, personal property damage, and liability. Your boat policy’s liability provision provides bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage, so if you cause an accident on the water, your insurance policy protects your finances. It pays the court settlement and hospital bills for those injured in the accident up to your policy limits.

Does my boat insurance cover damage if it falls off the trailer?

Unforeseen circumstances can lead to accidents on the way to a body of water or coming home from one. Even if you have a single-vehicle accident and your boat on its trailer incurs damage, your boat policy covers the damage repairs.

Does boat insurance protect my boat in dry-dock?

When you move your skiff to dry-dock for the winter, your hard-working boat insurance keeps on protecting your finances. Whether a fire occurs at the dry dock or a winter storm damages the facility and your schooner, your boat policy ensures that you won’t need to pay out of pocket for dam repairs.

How does a boat policy protect my boat moored in a marina?

While anchored in your slip at the marina, your boat policy provides the same property protection and liability coverage as when you take it out onto the water. The liability component protects your financial security if someone has a slip-and-fall accident while you host a fish fry or dinner party.

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