What does recreational insurance cover?

Life as an off-road lover comes with many benefits. Not only do you have the opportunity to enjoy nature, but you can also engage in adventures city life does not provide in Spokane, WA. Taking life by the horns means having the right insurance that lets you confidently explore the wild. Western Insurance Associates can help you understand the importance of recreational insurance and how a policy can enhance your off-road experience. 

What does recreational insurance cover?

Recreational insurance covers off-road vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), and dirt bikes. A standard auto insurance policy does not typically provide coverage for these types of vehicles because of their design and use. Recreational insurance closes the gap so you do not have to pay for damages out-of-pocket when an incident occurs in Spokane, WA. 

How does recreational insurance work?

Recreational insurance works much like a standard auto indemnity plan. You receive protection based on your preferences and policy limits. 

Those who pay more in monthly premiums may find their indemnity plans cover more incidents. Meanwhile, those who pay less in monthly premiums may experience more out-of-pocket expenses. 

How much recreational insurance do you need?

The amount of recreational insurance you may need depends on a number of factors, which include:

  • How often you operate your off-road vehicle;
  • Whether or not you plan to have passengers;
  • Whether or not you need coverage that provides total replacement in the instance that your off-road vehicle is completely destroyed. 

Western Insurance Associates can help you build the recreational insurance policy that best suits your lifestyle. Call them today to get started with a quote for coverage!