Is It Ever Worth It to Add Insurance for an Individual Car Part or Component in Spokane, WA?

Auto insurance in Spokane, WA helps financially cover you and your vehicle against the costs associated with accidents and other situations. However, your car may have a part or component that, for some reason, has a price beyond what your insurance can cover. At Western Insurance Associates, we believe it’s in your best interest to have the necessary coverage for such parts and components. Here’s why it’s important.

The Whole Vs. The Part

What kind of part or component might need additional coverage? If the cost of repairing or replacing a particular part is higher than average, it would be wise to consider obtaining additional coverage for that specific part or component.

While your auto insurance policy provides vehicle coverage, you may have additional components not typically included in your car’s standard package. For example:

  • Specialized, custom-built, or aftermarket parts
  • Very expensive components, such as a very high-end or custom stereo system
  • Rare, unique, or irreplaceable parts or components
  • Expensive but easily damaged parts or components

You might want extra protection for a part or component for your peace of mind, regardless of its resale value.

Balancing Costs against Peace of Mind

Understand that insuring individual parts isn’t always a necessity. Adding coverage increases your premiums, so looking at the big picture when insuring individual parts is important.

Some things to think about include:

  • The actual monetary value of the part or component.
  • The risk factors associated with the part or component.
  • Your budget and financial comfort with paying for additional insurance.

You can and should work with your auto insurance company in Spokane, WA to figure out the feasibility of additional coverage. If in doubt, we’re here to help you look at the math, assess your risk, and give you an informed auto insurance recommendation. If you have questions about insuring individual car parts or components, contact Western Insurance Associates to learn more.