Types of individuals and businesses that may benefit from umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance is a unique type of coverage that is not for everyone. Still, it may benefit certain individuals who have high liabilities and large amounts of personal or business property. Western Insurance Associates provides umbrella coverage to clients in the Spokane, WA area and throughout the state. 

Business owners

Business owners can benefit from large amounts of coverage in several situations. For example, companies that specialize in transportation may have large fleets of vehicles on the roads at all times. If these vehicles are transporting goods or susceptible to large scale losses, it may be best to cover them under an umbrella policy. Some businesses may also have a large inventory or special equipment that is extremely valuable. A typical insurance policy may not be robust enough to cover everything that can potentially happen to these expensive items if they are destroyed or stolen.

Wealthy and high net worth individuals

When someone owns a large amount of real estate or luxury items that are in their personal collection, a standard homeowner’s insurance policy will not provide nearly enough coverage to protect them. An umbrella policy may provide thousands or millions of dollars of additional coverage beyond standard homeowners or auto insurance to protect these investments. The upfront costs of the policy can result in substantial savings if a wealthy individual ever has to deal with an emergency that destroys their home, possessions, or cars. 

Speak with someone who can provide more info about umbrella insurance

To learn more about if you will benefit from an umbrella policy, speak with an agent at Western Insurance Associates. We serve the Spokane, WA area with superior insurance coverage and unparalleled customer service.