What Exactly Does Recreational Insurance Cover?

If you own a recreational vehicle, you’re probably very proud of your accomplishment. Buying an RV can sometimes be very expensive and sometimes cost as much as a house. With such a costly investment, you certainly want to ensure that you have it adequately insured, but you might wonder what exactly recreational insurance covers. Here is an overview to give you a better understanding of what this type of insurance covers.

Damage & Liability 

RV coverage will cover repairing or replacing your RV if you’re ever in a car accident. Also, like regular auto insurance, RV insurance covers any liability. This means that if you’re ever involved in an accident while driving your RV, and you’re found to be at fault, your insurance will pay to have the other person’s vehicle repaired or replaced. It will also cover the other driver’s medical bills, if necessary. 

The Specifics

Here is a list of what your RV insurance should cover so you will know what to expect if you ever need to file a claim. 

  • Travel trailer insurance
  • Personal items inside the RV
  • Emergency expenses if you’re in an accident or experience a breakdown
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Replacement if your RV is damaged beyond repair
  • Any damage incurred while the RV is in storage

Now that you know precisely what recreational insurance covers, you should consider Western Insurance Associates if you’re in the market for a new RV insurance provider and a Spokane, WA resident. We at Western Insurance Associates have been providing top-notch service and coverage to customers for over 100 years. Call us today, and one of our knowledgeable agents will happily provide you with a quote.