Does boat insurance cover my boat off the water?

Your boat insurance policy from Western Insurance Associates covers your watercraft at all times and in all situations. On the water, on a trailer, in dry-dock in Spokane, WA, or anchored in a marina. Let’s consider the most commonly asked scenarios.

What does boat insurance cover on the water?

On the water, this policy covers structural damage to your boat, personal property damage, and liability. Your boat policy’s liability provision provides bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage, so if you cause an accident on the water, your insurance policy protects your finances. It pays the court settlement and hospital bills for those injured in the accident up to your policy limits.

Does my boat insurance cover damage if it falls off the trailer?

Unforeseen circumstances can lead to accidents on the way to a body of water or coming home from one. Even if you have a single-vehicle accident and your boat on its trailer incurs damage, your boat policy covers the damage repairs.

Does boat insurance protect my boat in dry-dock?

When you move your skiff to dry-dock for the winter, your hard-working boat insurance keeps on protecting your finances. Whether a fire occurs at the dry dock or a winter storm damages the facility and your schooner, your boat policy ensures that you won’t need to pay out of pocket for dam repairs.

How does a boat policy protect my boat moored in a marina?

While anchored in your slip at the marina, your boat policy provides the same property protection and liability coverage as when you take it out onto the water. The liability component protects your financial security if someone has a slip-and-fall accident while you host a fish fry or dinner party.

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Driver Responsiblities

It is easy to start thinking of driving as a right we all have, but in reality, driving is a privilege that we must all earn through proper education and compliance with safety laws. Here at Western Insurance Associates, serving Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas, we want to help our clients stay safe on the road. Keep reading to learn more about drivers’ responsibilities. 

Stay Properly Insured

One of your most important responsibilities as a driver is to stay adequately insured. Insurance coverage is not simply a good idea, it is a legal requirement to operate a vehicle on the road. You will face legal consequences if you fail to keep proper insurance in place. These consequences can result in license suspension, termination, and fines. This can have a significant impact on your life. 

Driver Education 

It is also your responsibility as a driver to get proper driver education on how to operate a vehicle effectively and safely. This does not necessarily mean you must take a driver’s course, but it does mean that you must invest the necessary time into learning how to drive well. Taking a driver’s course can be very helpful, but working with a trusted friend or relative can work just as well. 

Sober Undistracted Driving 

As a driver, it is always your responsibility to practice sober/undistracted driving. This is not only a legal responsibility that you have but also an ethical one you have. When you get out on the road, you take on a little responsibility for every other driver and pedestrian you encounter. Take this responsibility seriously, and never drive intoxicated or distracted. 

To learn about auto insurance, contact us at Western Insurance Associates, serving Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas.   

How much umbrella insurance do I need?

Knowing how much umbrella insurance coverage is right for you is essential. Western Insurance Associates can help you determine the amount of coverage that best suits your needs. An umbrella insurance policy provides extra liability protection beyond what your primary policy offers. It helps protect assets and income if you are liable in a lawsuit in Spokane, WA.

It does not replace other types of policies, such as homeowners insurance or automobile insurance. Instead, it offers additional protection if you get sued above your policy. If you only have $100,000 in coverage, for example, and are facing a $200,000 lawsuit, you could be on the hook for the extra $100,000.

At Western Insurance Associates, we offer various options so you can find a policy that meets your specific needs. We will consider factors such as the value of your property, the amount of liability coverage provided by other policies, and any special requirements you may have. The experts at Western Insurance Associates will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your coverage.  

We will also explain any restrictions and exclusions that may apply to the policy. This way, you can make an informed decision about your coverage and feel confident knowing you are getting the best protection available. With Western Insurance Associates, you can rest assured that your assets and income are protected in case of a lawsuit or accident here in the Spokane, WA area.

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Does Everyone Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance has been a big point of debate for the last several years. With health insurance costs rising and plans generally hard to navigate, people are starting to wonder if they even need health insurance at all. At Western Insurance Associates, serving Spokane, WA, we are here to help you figure out these and other insurance questions. 

Does Everyone Need Health Insurance?

Everyone does not need the same type of health insurance, but to one degree or another, everyone should have some form of health insurance in place. This reason is that you can never predict the future. Even if you are healthy, you can never know when an accident will strike, which might rack up extreme medical bills. You also can never be sure when or if you might become ill in the future. This is why some form of health insurance is a good idea for everyone. 

What Type of Plan Do I Need?

Health insurance gets confusing because many different types of coverage plans are available. The reason there are different types of plans available is that different people have different health needs. The best way to figure out what you need will be to sit down with an insurance representative. These professionals know the ins and outs of different types of coverage. They can help you make this important decision. 

If you want to learn more about health insurance, please get in touch with us at Western Insurance Associates, serving Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas. We will happily answer your questions and help you find the right policy for your needs. 

What is Third-Party Auto Insurance and Why Should You Get One?

Your car is an asset but can become a liability in an accident. This can be the case, especially if you live in Spokane, WA, and have caused an accident. Without good insurance coverage, you must pay for all the damage you cause the other party. That’s why at Western Insurance Associates, we provide third-party auto insurance coverage to cover damages that you are involved in. This will ensure you don’t suffer financial loss when your car is involved in an accident.

Why You Should Get Third-Party Auto Insurance 

If you are in Spokane, WA, there are many benefits that you can gain from getting third-party insurance. One of the key benefits is you will be able to avoid penalties and fines imposed by the motor vehicle act. Further, you enjoy protection against the suspension of your driving license. 
Accidents are unpredictable, and they can happen at any time. When your car causes damage to a third-party vehicle, physical injury, and personal property, you will be responsible for the financial loss that individual suffers. However, with auto insurance, you get financial security as you will cover all the damage caused. 

The premiums for the third party are affordable and provide legal protection from the time-consuming legal hassle. If you are uncertain about how to make claims and get the cover, always contact us for more information. From a legal perspective, third-party insurance is sufficient to cover all the damage and ensure you fulfill the motor vehicle Act’s requirements.

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When does umbrella insurance kick in?

Umbrella insurance is a form of personal liability insurance that covers your assets in the Spokane, WA area and everywhere else beyond the limits of your traditional home and auto insurance policies. It can provide additional coverage against claims that could otherwise be financially devastating.

When exactly does umbrella insurance kick in?

Typically, umbrella insurance kicks in when the liability limits on your other policies have been exhausted. If you are sued or held liable for damages, your regular insurance will cover up to its limit, and the umbrella policy will pay over and above that amount. This extra coverage can be essential in protecting your assets from being wiped out by one major incident.

Umbrella policies may offer broader coverage than traditional policies, protecting a wider range of incidents, including libel, slander, false arrest, malicious prosecution, and more. Additionally, these policies usually don’t come with deductibles like other types of insurance do. 

When deciding whether or not you need umbrella insurance, looking at all the factors involved is essential. Consider the value of your assets and whether you could cover them if something unexpected happens. It would be best to consider what extra coverage an umbrella policy might provide should the worst happen.

For more information, or if you have questions about your policy, give us at Western Insurance Associates a call today. We proudly serve the Spokane, WA area and would gladly get you a policy that suits your needs. 

What is recreational insurance? What do I need it for?

If you live in Spokane, WA, and you’re outdoorsy, chances are you own some recreational vehicle or equipment. Whether it’s a snowmobile, ATV, camper, boat, or something else, having the right insurance coverage for your recreational vehicle or equipment is essential. Western Insurance Associates explains recreational insurance and why you need it in this post. 

What is Recreational Insurance? 

Recreational insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers any recreational activity or vehicle that you may use for leisure purposes, such as camping, boating, snowmobiling, and more. It can provide coverage for physical damage to property and liability coverage in case someone is injured while using your recreational vehicle.

Why Do I Need It? 

Having the right kind of recreational insurance can be essential in giving yourself peace of mind when enjoying outdoor activities. Not only does it protect your property from physical damage, but it also provides financial protection if an accident results in injury or death.

Additionally, some policies will cover loss due to theft or vandalism, and emergency roadside assistance should your vehicle break down while on a trip. 

Recreational insurance can also help prevent financial ruin due to medical costs if someone gets hurt while using your recreational vehicle or equipment. Medical bills can add up quickly, so having the right coverage can help protect you from incurring out-of-pocket costs. 

If you own any recreational vehicle or equipment in Spokane, WA, having the right recreational insurance is essential. If you still have questions, contact Western Insurance Associates for more details. We’re here to help.

Why All Boaters Need Boat Insurance

If you are the owner of a boat, there is a lot that you need to stay as safe as possible. One way to protect yourself is to have a boat insurance policy. These policies can save you from financial harm when something goes wrong with the boat. All boat owners need boat insurance to protect them financially against a range of problems that can occur when you’re driving your boat and when it’s on land. While Washington doesn’t require this insurance, it’s essential to have it for your protection. Call Western Insurance Associates in Spokane, WA to get started with a policy.

Getting Into a Boating Accident

When you’re out on the water, it’s always possible to have a boating accident. Just as with traffic on land, traffic on the water has accidents. When you get into an accident judged to be your fault, you would be responsible for paying for the property damage and medical bills afterward. When you have boat insurance, the policy can pay for those bills, which can be enormous. Being covered by a policy will give you more peace of mind when you’re boating because you know that problems will be taken care of. 

Types of Boat Coverage

When you get boat insurance, it’s much like getting auto insurance. There are various types of coverage, and each protects you differently. Having liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage is an excellent way to protect yourself in case you cause an accident. You can also get other types of coverage, such as comprehensive coverage that covers your boat against other dangers that can happen to it while it’s on land. 

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When should I add my teen driver to my auto insurance policy?

If you live in Spokane, WA, and have a teenage driver in the house, you may wonder when the right time is to add them to your auto insurance policy. Western Insurance Associates has answers.

Let’s discuss when you should add your teen driver to your policy. If your child has a learner’s permit and occasionally drives your car with you present, it’s not required that you add them to your policy. However, if they have their license and will be driving without you present, it’s time to add them to the policy. 

It’s also important to note that even if your child only has a learner’s permit and doesn’t drive very often, it’s still a good idea to list them on your policy. That way, if they have an accident while driving your car (with or without you present), they’ll be covered by your insurance. In Washington, car insurance companies can’t refuse to insure you or charge you more just because you have a teenage driver in the family.

Adding a teen driver to your auto insurance policy can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember that in Spokane, WA car insurance companies can’t refuse to insure you or charge you more just because you have a teenage driver in the family. It isn’t required if they only have their learner’s permit and don’t drive very often, but it’s a good idea. If your child has a license and is driving without you present, it’s time to add them to your policy. Contact Western Insurance Associates, and we can answer all your questions.

What is the value of having an umbrella insurance plan in Spokane?

If you live in the Spokane, WA area, it is vital that you properly assess all of your personal insurance needs. One type of risk that you will want to make sure is covered by insurance is your risk of liability. One way to reduce this risk is by getting a full umbrella insurance plan. There are various reasons why you should consider getting this type of insurance coverage here. 

Reduce Risks of Major Liability Claim

You will want to have an umbrella insurance plan in this part of Washington to reduce the risks of a major liability claim. You are bound to have some liability coverage in your home or auto insurance policies. However, those policies have coverage limits, and a significant claim could exceed your coverage. An umbrella insurance plan will provide additional support on top of those plans. 

Coverage for More Risks

An umbrella insurance plan is also a good option as it can provide additional coverage for more risks. Various liability risks are not covered by a home or auto plan. If you do not have an umbrella insurance plan, you will not have coverage for those risks. Fortunately, umbrella coverage is broad and covers most situations that could result in a liability claim.

If you want an umbrella insurance plan and are in the Spokane, WA area, it would be helpful to call the team with Western Insurance Associates. There are a lot of important choices to make when looking for insurance here, and Western Insurance Associates will offer any support you need to select your following policy. This can help ensure you have appropriate coverage at all times.